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Media First Solutions was established in 2016, created specifically as a Digital Marketing Group, specializing in providing solutions for businesses that reach the optimal audience who are in various stages of the buying process.  It is dedicated to the philosophy of not endorsing specific products based upon agency discounts provided by the producer of those particular platforms, rather remaining focused on utilizing several effective digital platforms for its clients at reasonable and equitable rates.

We have quickly built relationships with businesses in several industries such as Automotive, Furniture, Restaurants, Home Improvement and others.  We work directly with virtually every client face to face, but are willing and able to work with you anywhere across the United States.

Brian Chriceol is the owner of Media First Solutions. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Louisiana and has an Advertising and Marketing background going back to the 1990’s when he started creating marketing strategies for local businesses in the Lafayette area.

He found his niche in the early 2000’s as an Account Executive for the Daily Advertiser and won several sales awards over the next few years. He quickly moved up the ranks and became a Sales Supervisor for the Daily Advertiser and the Advertising Director for the Lake Charles American Press all within 5 years.

His experience over that period of time allowed him to work with several different industries such as Automotive, Furniture, Real Estate, Restaurants and others. In the past several years he has maintained a strong pulse on the drastic changes in Media Advertising through research and education now focused on providing Digital Marketing Solutions to businesses across several States.